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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Copper, Pears & Sunflowers, Oil 8 X 10

Hello, I did this painting yesterday at my Monday morning painting group. I've had this old copper container for a while, don't know what it was originally used for but I love it. I did the gray blue background hoping to make the copper stand out. I've been thinking a lot about the subjects I paint. I think I do kitchen and dining room art mostly, lots of pitchers and fruit. I enjoy painting these things but wonder if I should branch out and do art you could hang in other parts of your home. Don't think I'll ever be much of a landscape painter, I seem to struggle more with that subject. I love to paint and would still paint even if I never sold anything but it's nice to make something to help with the expenses if nothing else. Anyway I'll shut up for now, let me know what you think of my newest. Happy painting. Barb

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pitchers & Fruit, Oil , 8 X 10

Hello, The painting I'm posting today I did at my lesson on Thursday, brought it home and finished it. I love the gray green background, makes me think I should gray down all my colors, maybe? I'm really drawn to paintings with grayed down colors, very appealing. Do you like this, what don't you like about it? I'm trying to put more thought into my compositions, placement of things and colors. Here is the gal I'm taking lessons from if you want to check out her web page, Mary Jean Weber. She's primarily a plein air painter but has a great eye and I'm very pleased to have her as a teacher. This isn't on Ebay yet but I have several other paintings on so check me out. Thanks, Barb

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mary Spencer's Fruit, Oil 8 X 10

Hi again, Thought I'd post the painting I did at the Cincinnati Art museum on Saturday. I painted a still life, no surprise there. It was a painting of Mary Spencer's. When I got home with it I did brush out the edges a bit, there were what looked like dead leaves and a branch off to the left. I felt it was a good practice and came out fair. I set it up well and I think my colors are pretty close. I wasn't going to post it but oh well, we share the good and bad, right? See you soon. Barb

Copper Tea Pot , Oil 8 X 10

Hi Everyone, I did this still life at my painting lesson last week. I brought it home and made several changes. I just have to set it up in my studio and look at it for a while, typically I make some changes. I really think it helps to photograph your paintings, put them on your computer and view them there. It's almost like looking at someone else's painting, things stand out. This isn't on Ebay but you know it will be eventually. Have to move out the old and keep painting new, lol. Have a great day and let me know what you think. Barb

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Yellow Flowers, Oil 8 X 10 Framed

Hi Again, I posted this painting a while back, I was never really pleased with it. I did a bit more work to it. Added a third yellow flower in the jug and changed the jug a bit. I think I like it now, do you? I will put this on Ebay Monday night along with a few others, it comes framed in a very lovely gold & black framed with a raised design. Martin Luther King day tomorrow, nice to have a holiday. I can stay longer at my Monday morning painting group. I hope my obsession with painting never cools off, I truly love it! Barb

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Back to Back , Oil, 8 X 10 Framed

Hi Everyone, I just got home from my museum trip, I painted a still life. It went pretty well, I struggled a bit. My easel was in shadow and you have to set up at least four feet away from the painting that you're copying. I kept walking forward to look at details. If I do it again I think I may copy a larger painting and then the details will be easier to see. I think every painting you do is part of the process in becoming a better painter, no matter how it comes out. Here's that little pink pitcher again, I called it back to back as I thought it looked like they were ignoring each other. This is available on Ebay framed in a 3" gold plein air frame. Appreciate you stopping by, always like hearing from you. Have a good day. Barb

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sunflowers in Blue & White Oil 8 X 10 Framed

Good Morning, Today I'm posting a painting that I put on a while back. I listed it on Ebay last night. I worked on it a bit more, small changes but I think it helped. Great texture in the flowers, I laid it on heavy with a palette knife. I think I'm going to the Cincinnati art museum Saturday to paint with a group. You pick out an old masters work and try to duplicate it, I've never done this before. I'm sure it will be tough but fun. Have a good day. Barb

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pink Pitcher in Oil 8 X 10 Framed

I purchased this pink pitcher recently and I think I'll have great fun painting it over and over. I went to Michael's Art's and Craft's last night and their silk flowers were half off. Had a great time picking out flowers for painting, also bought a bag of green apples. I just keep buying more things to store in my little studio but I need all these things, lol. This painting will be on Ebay Monday night along with a few other new ones. My group meets in the morning to paint, I'm setting up a still life for the group this time, should be fun. See you soon.

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Tangerines on a white plate 8 X 10 Oil

Hi, Just finished this one a moment ago, rushed to photograph it and post it. I felt pretty good about this one. I think I kept things pretty loose, had to slap my hand to keep from messing with it. I don't know if you follow Carol Marine but I've been looking at her blog and I like how loose she paints, interesting. Let me know how I did. I did my first posting on Daily Painters Marketplace today, another way to get your art out there. Have a great day, better go clean up my mess. Barb

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sunflowers in Glass Bottle Oil 8 X 10

Another new one for you, I'm a busy painter aren't I? A deep red background, different for me. Fun to paint with the clear blue bottle. I like this one, do you? Appreciate your feedback as always. I'm trying to post several paintings a week, I have this idea that at some point I may apply to Daily Painters. Maybe???? This one is on Ebay. See you soon. Barb SOLD

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Landscape Oil 8 X 10

Good Morning, The painting I'm posting today is from a photo I took last summer while at a workshop. I painted a different view that day but wished I had painted this one. Now I have, lol. I'll list this one on Ebay tonight along with a few other new ones. Have a great day! Barb SOLD

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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Oranges & Ironstone Oil 8 X 10

Hi, This still life consists of a small ironstone pitcher that I have and oranges. It's my first real oranges, how'd I do? I think I like the blue background with the oranges. Using the small pitcher makes the whole orange look a bit like a grapefruit. Just keep trying new things. So much to paint, so little time. See you soon!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Oranges & Lemons 8 X 10 Oil

Hello, I found this wonderful metal container at Michael's Arts & Crafts and they have really great fake fruit. I keep adding to my collection. I recently added some of the new radiant paints to my palette, they're only made by Gamblin. If you're interested in painting fruits or flowers these radiant paints just glow. I normally order supplies from Dick Blick, have to pay shipping but the prices are good and I watch for sales. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by. Barb

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