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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Ohio Plein Air Society 

Hi Friends! Sorry I haven’t posted lately, I seem to keep pretty busy.  This past weekend I painted in the Ohio Plein Air competition in Hamilton county Ohio. It was Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  We could turn in one piece Sunday morning for the competition and then they stamped our canvases for the quick draw.  We had two hours to paint, frame it and turn it in, we all put in $10 each and the winner took the pot. I didn’t want to travel far so I chose a cute house near by and the sun was hitting the side. I finished in about an hour and a half, actually I was the first one back.  I just assumed I was donating to the cause and had no expectations of winning anything. 

When they starting announcing awards they start with product awards and work their way up to the big money. I was stunned when they called my name, I won a box of panels, oil primed linen, I’ve attached a photo.  At the end we packed up and as I walked to the car the homeowner of the house I painted happened to be mowing his lawn, I leaned the painting his way and said I painted your house, his wife had just arrived home so he went to get her to show her. She loved it and I made her a bit of a deal and they purchased it so it was a great weekend.  Wow that was wordy, lol.  See you soon!