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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Little Ballerina

Hello there, I took this photo last week while at a program for my grandson. She looked just thrilled to be there, lol. I wanted to play around with my acrylics on a figure, I may tweak her a bit yet. This is painted on a 8 x 10 Raymar panel. Check out my paintings on Ebay Have a wonderful day and stop by to visit me again

Monday, May 28, 2012

Madison Indiana

Hi there, I painted this recently from a reference photo I took in Madison Indiana a few years ago. I love Madison, lots of wonderful architecture and they are working hard to help their art community to grow. This is oil on a 8 x 10 stretched canvas. Check out my Ebay auctions Have a great day

Friday, May 25, 2012

Another little dress painting

Hi, One of the gals I paint with on Monday morning brought me 3 wonderful dresses to paint. This is the first one, I changed it up a bit and added the ruffles to the bottom. This is 11 x 14. I think when I paint another one I may consider getting cards made with the images. I was thinking a package of four with four different dresses. Please leave me a comment if you get cards printed and know a good place. I have a lot of things coming up and have stacks of paintings piled everywhere in my studio. The life of an artist, I love it! Check out some of my Ebay auctions Good to see you, please visit me again.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hillsboro, Ohio

Hi Friends, Hubby and I took our little camper out last week for a couple of nights in Hillsboro Ohio. We stayed in the campground near their beautiful lake. While there we drove around the lake and saw a huge group of Amish folks having a picnic. It is like stepping back in time to be near them, their homemade clothes, buggies and all of their horses were tied to trees grazing. I took quite a few photos of them careful not to get caught as I know they prefer not to have their photos taken. You may see some paintings soon from those, I was so excited sneaking about taking photos, lol. Anyway this is a scene on the way home passing through town, acrylic on a 8 x 10 canvas. Check out some of my artwork on Ebay Have a wonderful day

Friday, May 18, 2012

One hour demo

Hi there, I was invited to demo for a local art group this week. They are studying impressionism this month and wanted me to demo in oils. Most of these gals paint pretty tight and most are watercolor artists. When I get a little nervous I paint even faster than I normally do and I paint pretty quick all the time, lol. I talked and painted and spent about an hour on this one, it is oil on a 8 x 10 Raymar panel. I may tweak it some yet but I like the freshness of it, I laid down paint and left it alone. I cut up some scrap canvas and let those that wanted to paint a quick little tulip so they could get the feel of oils. Sorry there is a bit of glare. I think this was good practice for me, helps me to grow as an artist I think. Check out some of my artwork on Ebay Have a wonderful day

Monday, May 14, 2012

Belle en Verde and Belle en Noir

Hi there, I ordered these 2 dresses from Ebay for props. I hung them up and hit them with a light. Such fun to paint, I plan to do other dresses and some high heels too. These are both 11 x 14 in acrylic and I thought these frames worked well. I cannot imagine ever getting tired of painting, there are so many subjects to paint. I am constantly excited. Check out some of my paintings on Ebay Good of you to stop by

Friday, May 11, 2012

Gorman Farm ~ plein air

Hi! I painted outside yesterday at Gorman Farm in Evendale Ohio. Gorman Farm is a sweet place where they do tours and educational programs for children. There are barns, animals, an old farm house and lots of flowers, a person could paint there endlessly and find new subjects each time. I painted this line of little silos, I loved the shadows that were produced by the metal roofs. This is acrylic on a 8 x 10 stretched canvas. I purchased a sponge and palette paper that you soak for my box and a little spritzer to keep things wet too. I enjoyed working with them outside, you can layer and layer. Take a look at my auctions on Ebay ~ Have a wonderful day

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cat painting ~ demo Friday night

Hi there, This is the painting I did Friday night outside our studio. This is oil on a 6 x 6 Raymar panel. I wanted to choose something easier to paint in front of a crowd. I started out a bit nervous and then after a bit your get into your zone. First time in a couple of weeks I painted in oils and I love oils too. Guess I'll just be painting in acrylics and oils, that's ok right? Sorry there is a bit of glare. Check out some of my paintings on Ebay. Good of you to stop by!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Myakka River State Park

Hi there!, The reference photo for this painting is from last year when we vacationed in Florida. We visited Myakka State Park and just to the left of this scene were alligators sunning themselves. Alligators live in some pretty areas. This is acrylic on a 8 x 10 stretched canvas. Stop by tonight at the Middletown Ohio Pendleton Art Center if you are in the area. We are celebrating our one year anniversary and I will be painting outside our studio tonight. Check out some of my artwork on Ebay Please enter your email address in my Google Group box to receive my posts. I really appreciate your visit!