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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mother's Day Roses

Hi! My sweet hubby bought me these gorgeous roses for Mothers Day. Anytime I have fresh flowers in the house I think I should paint them or at least attempt to. This is oil on a 11 x 14 Raymar panel.

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Happy Painting!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Blue & White with Lemons

Hello there, I painted this a few weeks with a set up, I have a collection of this blue and white pottery. It's a simple composition and pretty painterly. This is 8 x 10 on a Raymar panel.

This is a exciting week at our new studio. Wednesday night we are open for a concert on the street, Friday night is First Friday and we are also open on Saturday for Second Look Saturday. I hope we have a good crowd, the opening last month was just great.

My roses are just fantastic this year, I cut some the other night and painted them and I'll post that soon.

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See you soon

Friday, May 27, 2011

Plein Air

Hi, Well I finally got outside to paint last Friday, this has been a very wet and cool spring. I feel like I have missed spring and soon it will be summer. Anyway last Friday was a gorgeous day to be out. I invited my group from Monday morning and a few showed up to paint with me. We painted at a park north of here that has a old dairy barn on the property. I first painted the barn looking in one direction on a 8 x 10 canvas and then rotated my easel and painted a couple of oak trees on a 5 X 7 panel. Such a pleasure to be out and I plan to do it again soon.

Happy Memorial Day to all of you.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pipe Box & Jug

Hello, I painted this a few weeks ago from a set up. A dear friend made this pipe box for me several years ago and I love it, I thought the shape of it worked well with this jug. This is oil on a 8 x 10 stretched canvas.

I think this photograph represents it pretty well, I took several photos. I tried overhead lights on then off with a daylight lamp, out the front door in front of the back door, ahhh. This is the one inside the back door on the floor with some adjustments, there is still a bit of glare although it isn't varnished yet. I have joked about all of the skills an artist must have, photographer, agent, framer and of course painter. If you like my paintings when you see them on my blog or facebook you will love them in person, lol.

Enjoy your day!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Do Not Enter

Hi there, I painted this from a photo I took last fall. This is in Lancaster Ohio. This little community was built around a church maybe 80-100 years ago and all of the residents were members of this one church. One little home is cuter than the next, some are so tiny. A lot of them have been added onto several times. The tight little streets went up and down and this one had a "Do not enter" sign at one end. Not sure two cars could have passed on any of them. We had bought our new camper and wanted to try it out for the night and stay close to the dealer so we stayed at the campground in the this little town if you want to call it that. Anyway I woke up on my birthday in my new camper in this precious little village. Nice memories. This is oil on a 8 x 10 stretched canvas. SOLD

I managed to get outside and paint yesterday, it was a wonderful day. Warm, dry and sunny, all things that have been hard to come by this spring. Soon it will be very hot and we'll be in a drought, lol.

Have a good weekend

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Peonies- buy it now

Hello, I have decided to run a buy it now option on my blog from time to time. This is oil on a 8 x 10 stretched canvas. This was painted from a set up of white peonies and this wonderful brass container with great little feet. It is sealed with Soluvar varnish, a quality varnish and framed in a solid wood frame that is gold leafed, crackled and glazed. The frame is wired on the back and ready to hang. Sometimes these frames appear a bit green in the photos but it is gold, please email me with any questions at barbarapask@zoomtown.com This is just gorgeous, lots of nice texture in the flowers.

Have a wonderful day!

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Teapot & Daisies

Hi, I painted this a few weeks ago from a set up using a old brass teapot a few daisies and a blue and white dish. I always love a touch of blue and white in a painting. This is oil on a 8 x 10 stretched canvas.

I am heading off this evening for the Evendale Fine Arts show. I have one painting in this juried show, no prizes but they jury to decide who gets in.

I still haven't been outside to paint, we have had a very wet and cool spring but I am not complaining as I still have my home unlike a lot of people down south.


Have a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Old Green Chair

Hi, We had our grand opening last night at our new studio in the Pendleton Art Center in Middletown last night. We had a big crowd, so much fun. We put out a huge table of food, I think we fed them too well. I think they were busy eating and not looking at the art, lol. Just kidding, it was very successful. We sold a total of 9 paintings last night and today, I sold one. One of the gals may also have a couple of commissions. I was hoping we might have a few sales so everyone would feel good about our decision to take this on. We will be open on First Friday each month as well as for special events.

This painting is 11 x 14, I painted this sweet old green chair that I have owned for years with a pot of tulips in the seat. It was fun to do. I didn't get a close up photo but it is pretty painterly with a lot of variation of color in the background A simple composition and I think I like the black frame on it.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sunflowers in Brass

Hello there, I painted this recently from a set up, it is oil on a 8 x 10 stretched canvas. Love painting sunflowers, I have really been on a flower kick lately. I think most people enjoy looking at flower paintings, at least I hope they do. Oh well, I paint what I love to paint not what I think will sell though that is oh so nice too.

Friday is the opening of our new gallery at the Pendleton Art Center, I am very excited. It has been lots of work getting ready, painting, hanging etc. etc. I'll be sure to take photos, the place looks just great.

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Enjoy your day!