Available Paintings

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

What do you think?

Painted this one Monday and Tuesday. I put this up for critique and here’s the feedback they gave me.  They liked my people which is great as that is what I’m working on lately.  They thought I should remove that black flowing flag behind the orange awning which I agree with.  Some different thoughts on the awning though,  brighten the edge and darken the top was one suggestion, another person didn’t like orange at all.  The building in my reference was pretty cute, the green building and the orange awning caught my eye but of course as the artist I can make it any color I like. I considered even a black and white striped awning but I want the people to be my focal point and I wasn’t sure about that. So give me your thoughts on this awning please, anything else bother you?  This is oil on a 8”x 10” linen panel, I really like the feel of painting on linen and even though I use a lot of stretched canvases I find I like a more rigid surface.  Thanks in advance for your thoughts.   

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Adding some people to a older painting 

I painted this last summer plein air.  A street scene in Milford Ohio, that wonderful turquoise color of the awning drew me to the scene. I pulled this painting out and thought I’ll throw some people in the scene.  I think I like it, it adds an excitement to a quiet scene.  What fun, I’ll be revisiting some other older paintings to see where I might add people.  Thank you

Monday, March 12, 2018

Practice practice practice 

I taped loose canvas to a panel and I’m busy painting people.  I’m having fun with this. I am thinking once these are dry I’ll throw them in my painting bag for references when I paint outside,  of course if I catch people sitting down I may try to quickly throw them in when I’m out.  Off to fill up the whole panel with little people, lol.  Good of you to stop by. ❤️