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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sunflowers in blue & white 8X10 oil

This is a still life I did at my Monday morning painting group. More sunflowers, love them. I used a palette knife to lay the paint on heavy on the flowers. I don't take a screen and light with me, too much stuff to carry already. So I just have to do my best with the light. How'd I do? Another subject, I spend too much time on the internet but I'm hooked. I check out dailypainters.com everyday and from there you can check out the artist's blogs and when you bring up their comments you can click on the names there and it just goes on and on. I look at art for hours on end. Appreciate your comments. Thanks so much, Barb


Jay said...

Wow, This looks absolutely gorgeous!!

I love the colors and just wow Great job

Barbara Pask said...

Thanks Jay, I appreciate that. Please check back in. I love the feedback. Barb