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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Adding some people to a older painting 

I painted this last summer plein air.  A street scene in Milford Ohio, that wonderful turquoise color of the awning drew me to the scene. I pulled this painting out and thought I’ll throw some people in the scene.  I think I like it, it adds an excitement to a quiet scene.  What fun, I’ll be revisiting some other older paintings to see where I might add people.  Thank you


Rosemary said...

Adding the people was a super idea! For me this piece has an abstract feel with the power lines, street lines (markings) , etc. The colors harmonize beautifully! You aced this one! Just needs a title!

Barbara Pask said...

Thanks so much Rosemary, city scenes are fun to paint. I’ll have to allow more time when I get out there now so I can add in my little people, lol.