Sunday, September 27, 2015

Palette knife kitty

Hi, I painted this cat in oil in a 10" x 20" deep gallery canvas. I based it in with a brush and then went over the whole thing with a palette knife.  I painted this for a event I have the third weekend in October called Petcaso.  It raises money for pets in need in the Cincinnati area. I'll be there set up to sell and this weekend the first weekend in October I'll be at Lakota West high school at a juried arts and craft show. I think it's like their 38th year, I know most painters stay away from crafty type shows but I am hoping my small paintings will go over well. 

This week we camped in Holmes county Ohio, it's an area with lots of wonderful Amish farms. I think I got some great reference photos that I'm looking forward to painting, watch for those. 

Thanks for coming by

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Pet Portrait

Hi there! I just completed this pet portrait, it is 6" x 6" and a commission. It's drying and the client loves it, such a fun painting to do with his nose so up close.  I would love to paint your pet, would make a wonderful Christmas gift?  I can paint this size for $65 or an 8" x 10" for $100.  I just love painting animals, we so love our furry babies don't we?  Email me at and we can work out the details.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Ballerina WIP

Hi, this is a work in progress. Oil on a 18" x 24" deep canvas. A larger piece for me, I am considering entering it in a competition to hang in a local hospital for a year.  Fun to paint a bit larger for a change. 

Busy as always, open house this Thursday night at the Artist Lounge in Hamilton and Saturday I am going to a plein air competition. I hope things are good in your life, thanks for your visit. 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Mama & Baby

Hi! I am offering this sweet painting for $70 plus $5 shipping within the continental U.S. It is painted in oils and framed in a custom frame.  Framed it measures 7" x 9"

Painted from a reference photo I took last summer, one of those shots that when you shoot it you just know you will paint it.  Thanks! 

Monday, July 27, 2015

I love old houses

Hi! Recently we camped near Yellow Springs Ohio and I ran around town shooting photos of wonderful old houses.  The picket fence drew me to this one.  There was a sidewalk in front but I made the decision not to include it.  This is water miscible oils on a 8" x 10" canvas.  Doing pretty well with the new oils, still miss tipping my brush into solvent but I'm hanging in there.  I've noticed they dry shinier than traditional oils. 

I painted this Saturday in Loveland Ohio with the Ohio Plein Air Society, I painted this painting of Rose of Sharon, I felt like doing flowers that day.  This also is the water miscible oils and is a 8" x 10" as most of mine are. 

Good to see you!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Quick Draw

Hi! Every month on second Saturday in a sweet town near me they have a street fair.  The town is Waynesville Ohio and they have art contest during the street fair.  This month was a quick draw, we had three hours to paint or draw.  I chose to paint and completed mine in plenty of time. I worked with my water miscible oils on a 8" x 10" canvas.  I always frame them even though they are wet as I think they show better.  Great news is I won People's Choice and First Place.  Such a great day, I left the painting in a local gallery for the month.  Next month is plein air and we have most of the day to paint, I'll be there.  Here's my painting, a cute shop that just happened to have this bicycle in front with buckets of flowers attached, 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Still life

Hi Friends, painted this one not too long ago, it is oil on a 11" x 14" stretched canvas.  

I recently switched to Cobra water miscible oils.  They are oils in every way but the linseed oil in them breaks down with water so they are soap and water clean up. I decided to try to paint healthier and make the switch. You need to stay out of the water if you use them, mixing them with water isn't a good idea as the water evaporates and they become sticky. They make linseed oil for them you can mix throughly into the paint to thin them.  I plan to stay with them. I will keep you posted.

I donated a painting to the Mason Historical Society of their old fire truck Old Betsy.  They auctioned it off at the ice cream social Tuesday night and all of the proceeds went to them, $660 , not bad. I am selling prints if you live in the area and you are interested let me know. 

Good to see you!