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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Blue & White Pitcher with Pears 8 X 10 Oil

Hi Everyone, I had a painting lesson today. Even with the holidays upon us I told my teacher if she's open I'm there. I think she's pleased to have me as a student. I never miss and I love to paint. Some of her students only paint when they attend a lesson. I have this theory that the more I paint the sooner I'll become a "great artist", lol. I have my dreams, a good thing I think. Always appreciate your feedback. Have a wonderful safe New Years. Barb SOLD

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thaw said...

Hi Barb, Nice work! Is this one really all sepia toned compared to the painting below it? Or can you actually see more color in it than the photo shows?
Keep up the good work!

Barbie Bud said...

Hi Thaw, Glad you stopped by. No, it really isn't sepia toned. I photographed it in my studio at night. I'm going to pull this photo and put in another one that reflects the colors better. Hope you stop back by to see it. I'm sure not a photographer, lol. Barb

DToms said...

Very nice painting Barb!! I've tried to photograph mine at night too and it never works for me. I did find however that if I photograph inside in the light from a north window the colors and detail come out pretty well. (I face them at an angle away from the window a little) Worth a try for you maybe. Have a good New Year!! Dee

Barbie Bud said...

Thanks Dee, I'll try your suggestion on shooting my photos with north light. I've tried lots of different things, I've even shot them in full sun. I'll learn one day....maybe,lol.

Dean H. said...

Hi, Barbie...Enjoy your blog. The best of luck to you in 2008. I have added a link to you on my blog.:)

Jay said...

Nice Paintings,

Looks like you doing well. Thanks for the encouragement on my site :)

I have a question, Where do you get thos lovely frames for your paintings?