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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tea Time, 6 X 8

Hi, I painted this on a 6 X 8 Raymar panel and framed it in this lovely frame. One of the artists I've recently started visiting and love her work is Susan Carlin, she's a portrait painter and she's done several videos lately where you get to watch her paint. I really never thought I'd be interested in painting portraits but last night I sat with a mirror and painted my face. I'm not going to show it to you, it's a little scary but over all not too bad considering it's my first. I'm going to try it again but I have to find photos I like where the people are not smiling, I've always said the only thing worse than a bad portrait is a bad portrait with teeth, lol. Going to head outside tomorrow to paint, the first time this year. Our weather has been very slow warming up this year. I'm typically not very satisfied with the paintings I do outside but it's been a year so maybe I've improved. Have a great day. Barb


Susan Carlin said...

I think I scared my cats when I burst out laughing just now at your comment about your portrait being scary and about bad portraits with bad teeth! Thanks for a great start to my day- and thanks for the "plug." Would love to see your portrait efforts... by email, if you're shy?

Barbara Pask said...

Thanks Susan, Maybe I'll email it to you if I get the courage. Barb