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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sweet Face

Hi, I painted this last week. Susan Carlin used the same reference photo on her live Ustream show a couple of weeks ago. This is a photo from Wetcanvas.com a great resource for uncopyrighted photos. I just loved this sweet little face and wanted to give it a try too. This is in oil on a 8 X 10 canvas panel. See you soon


neetzy said...


Keep doing these portraits of children. I'm serious. You show a unique and beautiful sensitivity with these portraits. Also, I've noticed your brushstokes are a little thicker and looser.

Barbara Pask said...

Thank you again Anita, I did let the brushstrokes show in this one. When I started painting seriously I never thought I would be interested in painting portraits but lately I am very interested, you never know where the road will take you.

http://www.onpainting.wordpress.com said...

Your work shows the enjoyment you derive from painting.

Barbara Pask said...

Thank you onpainting. I so love to paint, I'm glad it shows.