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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Art Blog Award

I was given this award by a wonderful artist named Dean Haven,  a great guy who has followed my blog from day one. 

I am supposed to list 7 things I love and then give a list of 7 artist's blogs that I admire and follow. 

#1.  I love my hubby Mike,  he is such a supportive partner and he loves me a lot.  I won't list all of my family but I am also blessed with two wonderful daughters and three grandsons and great son-in-laws. 

#2. I love that I moved back to the town that my husband and I grew up in.  I have two sisters and one brother living in this town also. 

#3. I as you might have guessed LOVE to paint,  hope that never goes away.

#4. I love dark chocolate and was sooooo happy to hear it is good for you. 

#5. I love my cat Cleo,  my sweet baby who sleeps on me every night. 

#6. I love getting new paintings supplies especially painting dvds.

#7. I love lavender roses,   the color and the smell is fabulous. 
Here are 7 blogs that you should check out:


Dar Presto said...

I always enjoy reading about you. (My cat shares my pillow; cute and annoying at the same time.)
For valentines day, are you hoping for chocolate, lavender roses, or painting supplies?

Barbara Pask said...

We don't usually do anything. We are good to each other all year long so we don't necessarily need a special day. Though it would be nice to have lavender roses near by with a piece of dark chocolate in my mouth while viewing a new painting dvd, lol.