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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sweet Little House

Hi there, This little house isn't too far from me here in Mason Ohio. I loved the way the sunlight was hitting it and of course I loved the fact that they were displaying the flag. This is another 6 x 6 on a Raymar panel.

I found a great way to display these little panels. I bought 40" aluminum rulers, I think that is what they are called. They are light weight with a hole drilled in one end. I took the plain side and attached velcro all the way down and then I attach a small piece of velcro to my panels and I can spread out 6 panels down the length of it. It looks really nice. I am going to hang one of my easels near by with a panel on it because the easels come with them. I'll take a photo when I get it hung and show you because this may not make sense, lol.

I have 3 of my little panels on Ebay now starting at $50 plus a bit for shipping, check them out.

Good of you to stop by!


Connie said...

This is a lovely painting, Barbara, and I like your idea for display!

Barbara Pask said...

Hi Connie, thank you, so great to see you too.

Dean H. said...

The ruler idea sounds great, Barbara! It "rules"...:)
This is a very comforting painting with the flag...it says "welcome home".

Mary Paquet said...

Barbara, in the summer of 2008 Bob and I rode our tandem bicycle through Ohio on a cross-USA self-tour. This painting takes me right back to Ohio. Lovely and the flag is just the perfect finishing touch.

Barbara Pask said...

Thanks Dean!

Barbara Pask said...

Thank you Mary, so nice to read that. I think we all like to paint familiar things and this looks like Ohio to me too.