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Monday, July 22, 2013

Still life painting at Pops

Hi there, Every third Thursday of the month Pop Revolution a local gallery has open painting. Most weeks they have models but once in a while they set up a still life. This was painted a while back, they set up a very elaborate still life with a music theme. I painted a small section of the set up so I could finish in the 3 hours provided. Experience told me to keep it simple so I wouldn't get overwhelmed. This is acrylic on a 8 x 10 stretched canvas. It is always a fun challenge to paint glass. Most people in the group sketch but I always bring my paints along, much more fun for me. So great of you to stop by.


Maria Bennett Hock said...

a beautiful composition beautifully rendered! Love it Barb!

Barbara Pask said...

Oh thank you Maria. Sometimes you have to choose what to paint so quickly that it doesn't work out. I'm glad you think this works. Hugs

hmuxo said...

SO beautiful, Barbara! Love how you painted the vase as well....wonderful

Barbara Pask said...

So sweet of you Hilda, I love painting still lifes. Bet you didn't know that, lol