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Friday, August 19, 2016

A Large Commission

Hi!  I have been working on a large painting, large for me anyway.  This is oil on a 36" X 48" deep canvas and will not be framed. It was fun setting it up, the client brought some of her favorite pieces over and then I added a lot of my items. I photographed the set up and waited for her approval. I sketched it on in charcoal and then covered the canvas with thin paint getting all the shapes and values in.  I just tackled one item at a time working my way around the canvas. She stopped by yesterday to see if, I felt I had done all I could do and wanted to see if she wanted anything changed. She loved it! Whew.  I signed it and painted the edges and now it dries, I'll deliver it to her and hang it soon. I think it will look great on her wall. I love the touches of red, so glad we went with red tulips. 

Makes me think I should do more large ones.  Have a wonderful day!


lata said...

Beautifully painted! Flowers are enchanting:) Best wishes

Barbara Pask said...

Oh thank you so much Lata, please visit again.

Pattie Wall said...

Beautiful piece! No doubt it will be loved for eternity!

Barbara Pask said...

Oh thank you Pattie, what a sweet thing to say.