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Wednesday, February 21, 2018


I recently ordered a dvd by Michele Byrnes,  she almost always paints people in her landscapes.  This is something I would like to get better at doing. I do some plein air competitions and I think if I could comfortably paint people in my street scenes the paintings would be better received.  I used some of her tips and did this painting just for practice. I want the people to be very painterly, not too much detail but yet feel like people.  I plan to do this a lot and get better, my first plein air competition is in May so I hope to have it down by then. This is oil on a 8”x 10”panel.   One of my groups critiqued it and they liked it a lot, that made me feel good.  Good of you to stop by, 


martinealison said...


Une très jolie composition... Une scène qui a une âme avec la présence de ces personnages.

Gros bisous 🌼

Barbara Pask said...

Oh thank you Martine! ❤️

Susan Carlin said...

Can you believe it? I actually arrived here by clicking the link on my blog. Been ages since I did that. Some of the links don't even work anymore, it's been so long since I even checked. I love that you have stayed steady and are making continuous strides in your art, Barb. Bravo!

Barbara Pask said...

Well hi Miss Susan. Still blogging along, I’m off and on but trying to do better. Thank you for your kind supportive words. Great to see you, I’ll be over to visit you.