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Monday, December 30, 2019

My favorite paintings of 2019

I picked out some of my favorite paintings from this year and grouped them together here. I tried to go through and count the number of paintings I did this year, I believe it’s about 60 or so. Of course I do paint small ones for shows and I didn’t complete anything larger than an 16” x 20” this year. Here’s to the new year, wishing all of you a happy healthy artful new year. Hugs

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Unknown said...

Following your large still life (hurry up tulips!).So far,so good Barb. Love that handle on the churn (?).I was screaming at you when you scrubbed out the decorations on the cup,but whew,you painted them back on.Really nice jug there. Bit of critique but know you aren't finished yet but watch those elipses,like on the small bowl and is the bottom elipse correct on the large jug? And I just love the Italian themed still life. (Not a bit boring). Love ya, Illie