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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Another competition piece

Hi there, I painted this piece for a competition, it isn't until August but I like to work ahead. They provided several wonderful old black and white photos to be our inspiration. There was one of a sailboat and that was my inspiration for this painting. I wanted it to feel like a gray day with lots of clouds and this is very different from the boat in her photo, didn't want to copy it. Also this is a mixed media piece with acid free paper added to the canvas first, I thought that would make it more interesting. This is acrylic on a 11" X 14" stretched canvas. Please check out my Ebay auctions Also please enter your email address in my Google Group box to receive my posts. Good to see you.


hmuxo said...

This is wonderful, Barbara! I love the texture in this piece and the reflections from the boat in the water is perfectly painted!!

Barbara Pask said...

So glad you like it Hilda, hopefully it will be included in the show. Great to see you as always.