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Friday, November 2, 2007

Hello, I'm posting a painting today that I did at a workshop in October. I took a plein air workshop with Chuck Marshall. I painted this the first day and was pretty pleased with it. The second day I tried to paint his way and struggled all day. He paints very loose and I'm normally pretty tight. He does make a soup to paint with that was interesting. It greys down your painting and hopefully makes it more uniform. He has a certain way to make it so it's a colorful soup. I did paint a river scene yesterday at my lesson that I'll post soon, it came out quite well. Haven't done much water but the reflections look good, watch for it. Think I'll walk in the park today and take some pictures, the fall colors are the best they'll be this year. Hopefully something will inspire me. Thanks for checking in, always love to hear your comments. Barb SOLD

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