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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Back to Back , Oil, 8 X 10 Framed

Hi Everyone, I just got home from my museum trip, I painted a still life. It went pretty well, I struggled a bit. My easel was in shadow and you have to set up at least four feet away from the painting that you're copying. I kept walking forward to look at details. If I do it again I think I may copy a larger painting and then the details will be easier to see. I think every painting you do is part of the process in becoming a better painter, no matter how it comes out. Here's that little pink pitcher again, I called it back to back as I thought it looked like they were ignoring each other. This is available on Ebay framed in a 3" gold plein air frame. Appreciate you stopping by, always like hearing from you. Have a good day. Barb

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