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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Landscape Oil 8 X 10

Good Morning, The painting I'm posting today is from a photo I took last summer while at a workshop. I painted a different view that day but wished I had painted this one. Now I have, lol. I'll list this one on Ebay tonight along with a few other new ones. Have a great day! Barb SOLD

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Jay said...

Nice painting!!
I see you use smaller canvases. Is there a reason?
I want someday to do a HUGE painting on canvas. By huge i mean like 5' x 10' or something like that...

I finally finished painting 8 check it out..

Barbie Bud said...

Hi Jay, Thanks for stopping by again. I do normally paint small. I like to finish quickly and move on to something new. I occasionally paint a 11 X 14 but I have several large canvases on hand planning one day to use them. Harder to paint big I think. Barb

Jay said...

I am working my way to a bigger canvas. My last 2 have been on a 16 x 20. I usually paint at night. Last night I started about 11pm and finished by 2am that is from setup to clean up.

How long have you been painting?

Barbie Bud said...

Jay, I painted folk art for several years and sold on Ebay. I didn't paint for a few years and then in June of 2006 I joined a plein air group in the area where I live. Since then I've been consumed with it. I really want to be good at it. I've read a lot, watched videos, took a few workshops and I take weekly lessons. Like yourself I also like to complete a painting in one setting, I think that's why I work small. I know with Bob Ross's system you typically work with big brushes so I would think you move quicker. I should get your email address so we can communicate that way. Thanks, Barb