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Friday, February 1, 2008

Old Brown Jug. Oil 8 X 10

Hello, I set this still life up with a old antique jug, sunflowers and a couple of pears. I really love the way the pears came out. After painting seriously for a while now I feel I do pretty good setting up an item and painting it realistically. I've been giving a lot of thought as to whether I'm painting an interesting painting though. I think I tend to paint everything in my painting with the same degree of detail. I think I need to start thinking more about my center of interest, loosen up on the other things and add more detail and color contrast into that one item. Any thoughts? Thanks, Barb


Frank Gardner said...

I agree with you about the center of interest Barb. Try that in the next few and see where that leads you.

Barbie Bud said...
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Barbie Bud said...

Hi again Frank, I am going to try, easy to talk about something it's a different thing to put it into action. We'll see. Barb