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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Dad and one of his crazy pipes

Hi, I painted this from a photo of my Dad. Taken when he was younger with this crazy pipe in his mouth. He collected pipes. Back when I was a kid I thought it was disgusting watching him clean them out but when he passed away we all wanted one and now I love it because it makes me think of him. This came out too serious, that wasn't his personality. He was the life of the party, telling endless jokes. Saturday is the art in the garden, I'll be selling my art out in a garden. They're talking rain, I hope they are wrong because that will ruin the event. Happy painting!


Kay Weathers said...

I love this my dad smoked a pipe until he had to have surgery and had to quit smoking all together. They tell me that I cut my teeth on one of his old pipes.

Barbara Pask said...

Hi Kay, I really appreciate your comment. I painted it from a smallish black and white photo so that made it a bit hard.