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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Back to Lady Agnew

Hi Everyone,  I just took this photo cleaned up my brushes and here I am,  bad photo as it is night time and bad lighting in my studio.  I have worked on her face,  dress, arms, jewelry and the chair.  The chair has been more challenging than everything else I think.  She sets in the corner of the chair so it's tricky to make it look that way. I bought a beautiful frame for her today,  when I'm finished I plan to hang it in my bedroom.  I know you can copy and sell old masters works as the copyright laws where not in effect then.  I have heard them referred to as safely dead, lol.  Anyone know just how far back you have to go to copy a painting and then be able to sell it?  Just curious as I may try this again.  Wait to judge her until I'm finished,  you know how it is ,you have to get away from it and then go back and play some more.  I'm enjoying the process and enjoying painting large like this.  Maybe I'll finish her this week. Happy painting

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