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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I've been tagged

Hi,  I have been tagged by Bill Jones,  the craziest person I know in the blogging world.  He shares a blog with Lisa Towers and they both should write a book, such funny stuff.  Anyway their blog is called onpainting and you need to check it out.  When you are tagged you are supposed to write 7 unusual things about yourself,  give a link to the person that tagged you and then tag seven other painters and let them know. 
1. My husband and I have been married 26 years and in that time we have had 9 homes.
2. I am pretty good at refinishing dry wall and all types of home repairs,  we have remodeled several homes.
3. I married the first time at 16,  unusual or stupid???
4. I can moon walk,  remember when Michael Jackson did that, lol?
5. I have toes like fingers,  I can pick up things I drop and they came in handy to pinch my brothers and sisters with. 
6.  I used to play the organ,  I played in my brother's wedding. 
7.  We lived in a log house for several years,  we lived on top of a hill and could see about 20 miles in several directions. 
Now the 7 people I am tagging


Sheila Vaughan said...

Thanks for the compliment Barb - love the flapper by the way!

Barbara Pask said...

Thank you Sheila, Thought is sounded like fun, another way to get to know each other a little better.

Dar Presto said...

You are so cool. I hate finishing drywall, but I can if I have to. Did you type this post with your toes?

Barbara Pask said...

Hi Dar, I didn't type this with my toes but hmmm I wonder if I might paint with them. I could be on to something, might be an improvement, lol. Might make my art so unique that people would actually buy it.

Frank Gardner said...

I dont know about painting, but if you could play the organ with your toes or do drywall that would really be something.

You've painted some good portraits lately Barb.

Barbara Pask said...

Hi there Frank, So nice to see you as always. Thank you for the nice comment, seems to be all I'm doing lately. Think I'm hooked, lol.