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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lacing up

Hello, I painted this on Monday, a reference photo from Wetcanvas. I wanted it to be very loose and impressionistic, hopefully I accomplished that. I used a palette knife to get some heavy texture for the skirt. This is oil on a 8 x 10 stretched canvas and I may adjust a few things on it yet.
I am getting ready for a art show this weekend, Saturday and Sunday. This is a antique and art show, their 38th year and last year was the first time they included art. First time for me, I hope we have a good turn out.
Spring is here, crocus are in bloom and I love it. Isn't spring just the best time of the year?



Lokelani Forrest said...

I really like the looseness and simplicity of this painting. Job well done Barbara. Good luck on your upcoming show.

Barbara Pask said...

Thank you very much Lokelani. Saturday is supposed to be beautiful weather and Sunday is rain so something for everyone, lol.

Márcio Kindermann said...

Very good its work!

Barbara Pask said...

Thank you so much Marcio, please visit again.

billspaintingmn said...

Mission accomplished!
This painting has a loose and impressionistic look indeed!
My 4 year old granddaughter is in ballet, her recital is coming up..I hope to capture the moments.
Barb, isn't painting Fun!

Barbara Pask said...

Hi Bill, Painting is the best! Sounds like you need to paint your granddaughter in her ballet outfit. So nice to see you. :)