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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ironstone Pitcher with Sunflowers

Hi there! This was painted from a set up, sunflowers in an ironstone pitcher, oil on a 8 x 10 stretched canvas. I keep trying different things for my photos, I thought I was doing better with it until a friend pointed out last night she thought my photos were too dark. She takes her photos outside, I have tried that and I have tried taking photos in front of a north facing window. Daylight I find can be a bit harsh and not give you a realistic view of your colors. This one was taken my normal way, inside with a daylight lamp, I set my camera up on a tri-pod and used a timer so I am not touching it. We have to have so many skills to be an artist, ahhh. lol

I am starting to give some thought to what I will paint for the local arts festival, the application goes in early in August so I want lots of time to come up with two paintings I feel strongly about. This Thursday I drop off my painting for the Cincinnati Woman's Art Club show, fingers crossed hoping I get in. On Friday I will be doing a Art Walk in a town north of here. So many things going on this time of the year and I love it.

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