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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Still life

Hi there, A recently completed still life, I struggle with names so I am open to suggestions. I have several bird nests sitting out on my potting bench, I just love all the intricate work that goes into them. Anyway I finally brought one in to paint and this painting other than the bird nest went through many changes. Started with a blue and white vase, then it became a black and blue jar and then I chose this crock. The bird was a wren and then I wanted something with more color so settled on the Blue Tit and of course the background changed colors several times. I find that I really enjoy dark backgrounds and the drama it creates in a painting. This is acrylic on a 11" x 14" stretched canvas. I hope you enjoy seeing it. Please check out my Ebay auctions I appreciate your comments so much


hmuxo said...

Beautifully painted...LOVE the crock pot! I'll be back if I think of the perfect title...(I'm bad with titles as well)

Barbara Pask said...

HI Hilda, Good to see you as always. Someone suggested "Empty Nest" on facebook, that's not bad.