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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Our adventure to Tennessee

Hi there, For about the last 7 years or so I have chatted online with a wonderful group of fellow artists. The nicest ladies from several different states. We have always wanted to meet so we made plans months ago to meet in Spring City Tennessee where one of the artists lives. There were 7 of us and the furthest was from San Antonio. We had a wonderful time getting to know each other better and of course painting together. We mostly painted inside at Laura's wonderful studio and one day we went to a park and painted plein air. One of the gals Marilyn is involved with "Healing Ceilings" where artists paint ceiling tiles to replace the white ones in a cancer treatment center. A few of us completed a panel to send home with her and some of the ladies took panels home to paint and send back to Marilyn. They are 2ft by 2ft and I painted poppies on mine, that seemed like a happy thing to look up at and enjoy while getting treatment. I'll include a photo of it here but it was taken very quickly and there is some glare on the bottom. The first photos shows our happy group the first morning out at Laura's wonderful log home and her sweet dog Tommy who was thrilled to have us there, I am the one with the glowing white hair, lol. I completed 5 paintings and one tile and a few of them will be painted over, lol The third photo is one of the still lifes I completed. I am still amazed this all worked out and everyone made it safe and sound. Now when we chat online I hear their voices in my head, lol. I hope all of you are blessed with this kind of experience in your life. Hugs


hmuxo said...

Oh Barbara!! What a happy group!
You look wonderful. I think its amazing to meet the artists that we've talked to on-line for so long.
I met Joan Sicignano who does amazing landscapes here on Long Island. she's about 40 minutes from me and Mary Beth Brath who lives in Pennsylvania... I love visiting her shop when we're passing through!
Your painting ...as a healing tile is absolutely beautiful and very emotional. What a wonderful idea.!

Barbara Pask said...

What fun Hilda, isn't it great to finally meet someone in person you feel like you know so well? I'm happy for you too. I really enjoyed painting the tile, I hope it gives someone joy.

M. M. Harman said...

Barb, you are so sweet, just as I knew you would be! It really was a beautiful experience. One I'll treasure for the rest of my life! You are also a treasured blessing and quite an inspiration. Thank you so much for the pleasure of your company and the gift of your friendship.

Barbara Pask said...

Marilyn you sweet talker you. It was an amazing experience and I still can't believe we pulled it off. I loved meeting you and getting to know you a bit better. What a wonderful lifelong friend I have made. Our friendship will just grow and grow. Hugs