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Saturday, March 1, 2014


Hi there, well I think this is finished, signed but not varnished. This is 16" x 20" on a deep canvas and it is acrylics. Do you see anything that bothers you? I will have to come up with a title too, that can be really tough sometimes.  Some people are so creative with titles,  I do things like "Pears" lol 

We have another big snow coming in tomorrow night but I feel it will be our last of the season. Positive thinking.

Have a wonderful day!


Maria Bennett Hock said...

love this one Barb!!

hmuxo said...

This is beautifully finished, Barbara! I wish I can come up with a name ...I'm SO bad with that one as well! Wonderful colors in her outfit..the added flowers in the dress is perfect!
I hope you're right when you said tomorrow's snow will be the last.!
I'm counting on you to be right..LOL

Barbara Pask said...

Oh thank you so much Maria!

Barbara Pask said...

Thanks Hilda, I really appreciate you.