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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What's on my easel

Hello friends!  Thought I would share a little piece of what is on my easel.  This one is 16 x 20 , larger than most of the ones I have been painting lately.  Experimenting.  Started with everything very wet and laid in a vase and flowers with a palette knife. After that dried I started painting this detailed geisha. I will share the whole painting with you soon. I have painted a lot of very tradional still lifes where all of the elements were finished pretty much to the same degree. This was meant to be different and may not appeal to everyone but different can be good.  

Entered two shows this week, hoping to get in but I won't hear for a while. 

Have a good day


hmuxo said...

Different is definitely good, Barbara. This is excellent and I'm looking forward to seeing it finished. The colors are awesome.!

Barbara Pask said...

Oh thanks Hilda, so nice to get some nice feedback. Hugs

Sharon L. Graves said...

Love this Barb. You really outdid yourself on this little lady. So delicate. Can't wait for the big picture.

Barbara Pask said...

Thank you very much Sharon. I think it may be finished, maybe maybe, lol. You know how that goes.

Julie Ford Oliver said...

Beautiful painting and your reds are great. I think you did an amazing job on her face. Such fun seeing the great details with her hair and clothing.
I am not good at titles. Always seems to do what the basic stuff is.