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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My New Pet

Hello,  I painted this a few days ago,  think I am finished with it.  This is in oil on a 8 X 10 stretched canvas.  Sweet little girl holding her dog.  This is painted from a reference I found on Wetcanvas,  she had nice light on her.  I am just hooked on Ustream painting shows,  I watch three different people paint now.  Davethepaintingguy  paints portraits normally 3 days a week and Susan Carlin paints on Tuesday evenings,  also a portrait painter.  Then there is Roger Bansemer who just jumps on all different times and paints with acrylics.  I should spend more time painting and less time watching but I love it!  So if you decide you want to just sit and watch someone else paint check them out. 



Hi Barb,
for some reason the pic. of the pet painting doesn't load.
thanks for your comment on ''Out to Sea''

Barbara Pask said...

Hi Pete, Every time I come here she is there, please let me know if that happens to anyone else. I really did love your last post, keep em coming.

Dar Presto said...

Aw, now I want a puppy. She looks so happy. I like the dappled light on her face. Nice work!

Barbara Pask said...

Thank you Dar, I also loved the light on her face and her blond curls.