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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Blue & White Tea Pot, Oil, 8 X 10

Hi, I painted this Monday morning when I meet with my painting group. I'm the chairperson for this group, we call ourselves Mason Area Painters, it started almost two years ago. I have probably 28 or so people on my email list but there are six or seven of us that show every week. I really look forward to it, no pressure just nice people getting together to paint. Anyway, I did this then and I've painted on it a few more times and I may not be finished with it yet. I think I like the teapot but I may re-paint the background. I did a painting today at my lesson that I think I'm pleased with, I'll post it soon. I have to look at it a bit more to decide if I'm done. Don't know if you follow Maggie Stiefvaters blog but she's done a series lately on marketing that's good and you might want to take a look at it. Have a great day and happy painting. Barb


moneythoughts said...

Hi Barbara,

I was just checking out people that paint, and I came across your blog. Nice paintings.

I write and paint. Take a look at my blog, you might find it of interest.


Barbara Pask said...

Hi Fred, I'm glad you stopped by. I will check you out and thank you for the complement. Barb

Catherine said...

Hello Barbara, congratulations for your beautiful works. I think you could add some white glazes on the teapot to enhance the natural porcelain aspect.
(I am a painter too)

Barbara Pask said...

Hi Catherine, Thank you for your comment. I'm not quite sure I'm finished with this. The last thing I did was to add some brighter white highlights. White glazes, hmmmm. Barb