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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pewter, Oil 8 X 10

I'm back again. I did this painting last week and I still may do a bit more to it, not sure if I'm completely satisfied with it. I've met so many nice helpful people since I started blogging. Some I've asked questions and some have just stepped up to help me. Frank Gardner for one has been really wonderful about checking in often and giving great advice, he even sent me an email one night suggesting some books I might check out. Last night I received an email from Nel Jansen, she asked me a while back if I would like her to give me honest critiques from time to time. She had a couple of suggestions for me, one was to try more interesting compositions. She suggested maybe I run things out of view, etc. I plan to try to change things up. I told her sometimes I look at my paintings and think, "that's boring" I do know that good light and shadow are so important in a painting. You know it's easy to talk the talk but not always so easy to do it. I'm fighting the battle, hang in there with me and hopefully watch me grow as an artist. If you haven't checked out Frank or Nel they're in my list of favorites at your right. Thanks for letting me run on. Barb


Jay said...

Nice paintings...

I havent been here in a bit, It seem you have been busy painting away. :) Great job!!!

I finally painted today..

Thanks for the encouragement :)


Barbara Pask said...

Hi Jay, Glad you stopped by and you're painting again. I'll visit soon. Barb

Jay said...

Thanks for all the encouragement :)

I will check out that site wetcanvas and register.

Thanks again,