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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Still life- Brass & Oranges

Hello there, I have a new dvd called "Mastering the Dramatic Still Life" by C.W. Mundy. I asked my daughter for it for Christmas and she ordered it for me. I have only viewed it once but plan to watch it again and again. He talks about the 7 foundational truths to a successful still life. I tried to think about the things he said while painting this. I do think still lifes can be boring if everything is right in the middle of the canvas and it looks very staged. I have painted a lot of those myself, lol. Sometimes I feel I painted them well but I think composition is the most important thing. If the composition is bad it doesn't matter how well you paint it, it isn't going to be a good painting. I am pretty happy with this but next time I want to get more paint on the canvas. This is oil on a 8 X 10 stretched canvas. I am still trying to find myself as an artist but I am getting a better idea of where I want to be eventually. I love it though and I won't give up. Have a great day!


n. rhodes harper said...

Here is to hoping you have a wonderful New Year Barbara. I am sure it will be a fun year filled with your beautiful paintings and all things good.

Barbara Pask said...

Thank you so much Nancy. Happy New Year to you!

http://www.onpainting.wordpress.com said...

When I looked at this painting I thought it was by Mundy. I don't care for his painting as I find it muddy looking, but you did a great job on a study of his work!

I do totally agree the composition is a necessary component of a good painting.

You have the attitude that will lead you growth (and much enjoyment along the way) as a painter.

Barbara Pask said...

I'll take that as a compliment Bill as I was trying to paint something along the lines of something Mundy might do. I like his paintings, dark and moody with lost edges. I have painted so many boring still lifes, things centered and everything rendered to death so I just keep trying new things. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement, means a lot to me.