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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sunflowers & Postcards

Hi there, This painting is a mixed media piece. I first attached acid free paper that has old postcards printed on it, I cut it up and added sections to it with gel medium. I set up my sunflowers and painted them with acrylic, adding a few splatters at the end. I added a cropped photo of the painting so you can see some of the background. I always love painting sunflowers, I tried to make these very interesting adding different shades of yellow and oranges. This is painted on a 11 x 14 stretched canvas. I can't wait until I can go out into my yard and cut some fresh flowers to paint. Spring is almost here, I sure hope so anyway, lol. I hope you are enjoying your day. :)


hmuxo said...

Yes, Spring is almost here, Barbara! and these flowers are the reminder.. Nicely painted!!

Barbara Pask said...

Thank you Hilda. We can do the happy dance when spring finally arrives, more snow coming in here tonight.