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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Peach Roses again

Hi! Well I managed to paint these peach roses one more time before they completely wilted. This is oil on a 11" X 14" canvas, working with a dark background this time. One nice tip I got at Nancy Frankes workshop was to put some cad red light in your dark backgrounds, it gives it some warmth and atmosphere.
  Ordered the new Qiang Hiang's DVD, it's very good. He explains his process and supplies very well, I have followed him for years and love his work. His link is here on my blog in my list of artists if you are not familiar with him.  See you soon


hmuxo said...

Beautiful bouquet of flowers Barbara!! And I love your previous "peach roses"....excellent texture.
I start physical therapy on Monday and I'll be typing with one hand for awhile but I'm feeling wonderful and I will be posting next week!
I look forward to seeing your next painting!

Barbara Pask said...

OH thank you Hilda and good luck to you. Prayers coming your way.