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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Copper & Daisies

Hi there, I painted this a few nights ago from a set up, one of my new copper pots and some sweet daisies. This is oil on a 8 x 10 stretched canvas.

I painted outside today on the street in Middletown, Ohio, that is the town where our new studio space is. Met a lot of nice people and a few strange ones, lol. One gal wanted to know if I was going to hang my painting on the outside of the building I was painting, lol. Why would you think that?? I love the people that tease you about painting them in your painting, I have noticed that it is usually men. It was the perfect day to be out, I loved it.

Happy Painting!


Carol Blackburn said...

SO beautiful, Barbara. The contrast between the metal and glass makes a wonderful still life, and of course the life that flowers bring to it tie it all together wonderfully.

Barbara Pask said...

You say the sweetest things Carol, thanks so much.

Connie said...

Barbara - this is lovely and the flowers are great - I always find flowers so difficult. And you love Somewhere in Time! Oh my gosh, that is one of my all time favorites!!!

Barbara Pask said...

Hi Connie, thank you for visiting. I love Somewhere in Time so much, I watch it every few years. Have you ever visited Mackinaw Island in Michigan? That is where they filmed it.

Dar Presto said...

I'm sure that your playful disposition makes painting in public a fun activity.
This is a lovely painting. I admire the brushwork.

Barbara Pask said...

Hi there Dar! I do enjoy painting in public, you meet a lot of very nice people out there. So nice to see you, happy you like this.