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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A couple of Little ones

Hi there, I painted these two little paintings yesterday, both are acrylic on 4" x 4" stretched canvases. The last two little wrens I painted sold pretty quick.  Someone brought the little purple irises yesterday and they were painted pretty quickly but I like the freshness of it.

Painted outside again today, it didn't survive, lol.  Doesn't bother me much if a painting doesn't work, that's just part of it.  Scraped off the heavier paint and I will paint over it. 

Thank you for visiting!
Wren is Sold


hmuxo said...

I love the bird, Barbara!!! and the tree limb is fantastic..very realistic!!!

Sharon L. Graves said...

Barb you're really good at birds but I'm a sucker for flowers. The florist in mr is revealed. Those Siberian irises are beautiful.

Barbara Pask said...

You're so sweet Hilda, thank you!

Barbara Pask said...

Thanks Sharon, such sweet little flowers. I had to paint them. :-)